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GII Women's Team


Women's Race Team

Kyanni Fleming

Category 5

Kyanni was introduced to cycling through triathlon in 2014. She wanted to get faster and stronger on the bike, so she joined VCRCC and GII. Her GII friends pressured her into joining the race team. Kyanni participated in her first circuit road race as a Cat 5 in March 2018, and she now knows two wheels are the perfect fit for her.

Corinne Walker

Category 5

Kyanni Fleming

Cat 4

I was introduced to cycling through triathlon in 2014. I wanted to get faster and stronger on the bike, so I joined VCRCC and GII.  My GII friends motivated me into joining the race team. I participated in my first circuit road race as a Cat 5 in March 2018, and now I know that two wheels are the perfect fit for me.

Diane Harris

Cat 4

My racing career began in 2000, with the MABRA Age Graded TT.  After that I was hooked!  The next year I joined a racing team staying with them until 2010.  I raced locally in circuit races, criteriums, road races, and TT's, eventually upgrading to CAT 3.  I was also fortunate to race internationally in Argentina, Puerto Rico, and Cuba.  I stopped racing in 2014, restarted in 2015 (did horribly!), stopped for the next 2 years and now, with GII, am interested in age-graded TT's. 

Kim Mason

Cat 4

My name is Kim Mason and I started cycling in 2012 just for exercise.   My passion for the sport has grown over the years so I decided to start racing.  I entered my first criterium race in 2017 and have been hooked ever since.  

Falecia Stuckey

Cat 4

My name is Falecia Stuckey and I have been cycling since summer of 2012.  I have always been an endurance athlete and decided to start biking as a transition from marathon training. I decided to start racing in 2017 as an attempt to see just how far my training could take me.  I enjoy the sport and look forward to the possibilities of doing more in 2018 and beyond.

Corinne Walker

Cat 4

I began cycling in August 2016 and loved the challenge of growing as a strong cyclist. By May 2017, I participated in my first race. Since then I continue to learn and grow with the support and guidance from my team, seasoned cyclists and the cycling community.

Janice Creamer

Cat 5

I am Jan. I am on an adventure to live my best life. Cycling has been a life long love. When I was a kid, I would watch the Tour de France and dream.  In 2013, I weighed 265 pounds and had no cartilage in my left knee. In order to maintain my “can’t sit still”  lifestyle, I had a total knee replacement. To make the surgery successful, I lost 90 pounds.Yoga was part of my rehab. It was graceful and made me stronger but it was slow. I got my first road bike and went to a GII Saturday ride the next week. 

I never stop pedaling. My bike is a lab for refining techniques and becoming better than yesterday. Being present and focused on two wheels makes me feel alive. Cadence is my meditation. Cycling makes my heart one with the world around me.

I am interested in TT and Triathlon. 

I never look back because that is not where I am going. Come with me! We can be fearless together.

Layla Doman

Cat 5

I clipped in for the first time in 2015 as I began my new hobby as a triathlete. With two 70.3 races completed, I realized that the 56 miles cycling segment of a triathlon presents a thrill matched by no other experience.  The swim and run push me to my limit, but the speed and exhilaration of cycling is taking me to the next level.

Angela Moody

Cat 5

I'm Angie and have been riding for as long as I can remember.   My 1st 10 speed was a Raleigh grand prix.   The last 25 plus years on the bike have been the greatest adventure and a lesson on sticktuitiveness.  You have to keep turning the crank and never get off the bike, no matter how difficult. Why I waited so long to try my hand at racing I'll never know......


Africa Battle - Cat 5

Beveral Childress - Cat 5

Elizabeth Niles - Cat 5

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